Sunday, September 6, 2009

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I thought I would try  a different color and see what happens. Maybe it will liven up the blog. Red is usually the sign of danger of some kind, but there is no danger here.

Reading (I don't like this color) so I'll switch to blue. That's my color anyway. Reading so many blogs that I can't keep them straight and I forget about half or three-quarters what I read within a half-hour and 95% of it within a day. I enjoy reading them, though, and if there is something I want to remember, I usually can. I passed a pleasant two or three hours yesterday going from one blog to another and barely made a dent in all the material out there on the net. I was just fed up with working on the synopsis for THE BLOODY GULCH and needed a break.

I finished reading Will C. Knott's "The Return of Zach Stuart" as it read down to a climax of the father agains the son. They were both brutal men in their quest for vengeance on the one hand and money, land and cattle on the other, and they settled out finally. I will have to get "Red Skies Over Wyoming" and see if it is written in the same tone.and manner,

And I thought the outright blood and brutality had ended at the end of that one, but I picked up Robert B. Parker's "Resolution" and read into it a few chapters. I will keep reading it until the end, even though the character Everett Hitch appears to be about as brutal as the father of Zach Stuart if that's possible, with his sawed-off 8-guage shotgun. I'll be on the edge of my seat anxious to see how he ends up.

That's what I like about the south as the song goes, in this case western stories, they are always exciting and full of action, and that's what draws a crowd. 

On another note, the Christian Science Monitor had an article by Danny Heitman on Sep 4 that tells about the publishing world's output of books in 2008. The article is
A Labor Day Sigh Over Summer Books. (Click on this headline and then click on the URL that pops up and voila! there you should have it.)

To all U.S. readers. I hope you are enjoying the long holiday weekend, maybe cooking at the BBQ or passing the time at the lake or beach or somewhere COOL.

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