Thursday, September 10, 2009

Profit Obstacles

One of the obstacles to making a profit on book sales at certain events is the "transaction privilege tax" which is a State thing, and certain cities and towns add on to it. This tax is over 6% (over 7% in some cases), plus you need a license from the State and municipality where the event is taking place (State is $12 plus municipality, variable). Licenses are good up to a year. So you're in the hole before you start selling books.

And then there is the cost of a table or a booth at the event, anywhere form zero to one or two hundred smackeroos, or more, depending on the type of event.

And if you should happen to sell enough books to make a profit, you have to add on an income tax (or pofit tax) to that figure.

Of course, I was aware of this before I self-published THE STRANGER FROM THE VALLEY, knowing there wouildn't be any, or not much, profit in it unless I could sell a ton of books. That is highly unlikely, but I have had some sales, seeing that Amazon had only two books left in stock this morning with more coming. WHOOPEE! That means that if they had 10 or 25 books on hand to begin with, my profit would still be zero, until my costs are covered. At least, I shouldn't have to pay any income tax! I wonder how many have purchased the e-book, if any.

I'm in the process of making a suggestion to certain county libraries that they put my novel on their shelves for the general public if they come to the conclusion that it meets their standards. However, I must warn them that it was REJECTED once for being TOO SALACIOUS! In this day and age, I can't understand that what with all the nudity and adultery on TV and the dirty language used. And, Whereas, THE STRANGER has no vulgar language, I mean VULGAR language, and WHEREFORE only one case of suspected adultery, I mean confessed adultery, since the widow has had a baby by a married man, certain standards must be followed.

Anyway, as far as profit goes on this one, I kissed it goodby in the prospect of future profitabiltiy.perchance. But. that doesn't mean that you shouildn't buy it and give it a read. You should. ORDER IT TODAY! And ENJOY!


  1. Some oppressive taxes you got down there in the Grand Canyon State. If Oregon has anything similar I am blissfully unaware. Check out if you haven't already. Jim's become an expert at marketing his books.

  2. Well, I don't know everything about this privilege tax yet, but I do know that it's a pain if you don't add it on to the price of the book, but absorb it. I used to take stuff to the swap meets, sometimes new stuff, and then they started collecting the tax, so I don't take anything anymore to sell. Thanks for the referral. I know he will add to what I've already learned. Once I do it, things should be okay. I attended a condo assn meeting last night and was surprised at the interest my book aroused, or was it the fact that one of their members wrote it? Time will tell.