Thursday, September 22, 2016

Surprise or Not

Hell, it's just taking too long. My new site, Cattle Dust, is. I've been plugging away to get it on air by the first of October, but it's a horse race. That blog is a Wordpress site and will be used to publicize my novels and other things and maybe this one will be discontinued after a while. For now, I plan to keep running posts on subjects that come to mind in the Western sphere of things in this blog.

Anyway, if anyone has a comment on the title Cattle Dust,  please use this blog for now. I will let you know when the Wordpress site is ready for use. You may try looking for Cattle Dust on Wordpress or at and please let me know if you run across it. Thanks a bunch!


  1. I have had a Wordpress blog, not a wevsite, for several years but seldom use it. Last time was three years ago. The old site was cumbersome, the new one is great, I just posted again, easy to use. Good luck with your new site.

  2. Glad to hear it, Neil, and thanks.

  3. Thanks, Charles. I hope you check it out.