Sunday, March 1, 2015

Arizona Events

If you missed out on the Wickenburg Rodeo Days, here is another chance to catch a rodeo live and in-person on March 8 below. But we'll start off with March 1st since that is the beginning of this month and you better hurry or you'll miss it.

Mar l - Line Dance on the London Bridge at Lake Havasu city. They want to see if they can put a maximum number of line dancers on the bridge and set a record. Shucks, that's going on right now! They better hurry or they're gonna get all wet from the rain.

Mar 4 - Author Robin Pinto will be lecturing about Arizona's Civilian Conservation Corps and other stuff. The CCC was an FDR program before and during WWII where it fell apart since no one was available to join up. I had a half-dozen older brothers who joined and worked on canals in Utah. Make that one or two brothers. Will be held at the Pueblo Grande Museum on east Washington Street, Phoenix.

Mar 5-8 - Shakespeare at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix. Enough said.

Mar 6-8 - Fountain Hills Tour d'Artistes in Fountain Hills, AZ. Studio tours where you can observe the creative process firsthand or secondhand, if you want.

Mar 6-8 - The Rodeo mentioned above. Roots N' Boots in Queen Creek, a suburb of Phoenix and Mesa and Gilbert and maybe a few others. This is a PRCA event where grown men (and possibly ladies) try to ride horses and bulls and the kids ride little lambs a divey and maybe pigs and chickens. Some ladies will do barrel racing after all the beer is drank. A good time will be had by all.

Mar 14 - Apache Leap Mining Festival in Superior, AZ. A superior festival of demonstrations in drilling and mucking and etc. Bring your Chihuahua and enter it in the Chihuahua race or bring all of Chihuahua from Old Mexico, too. Everybody's welcome.

Mar 16-21 There's a New Sheriff in Town in Kingman, the birthplace of Bob Boze Bell and the hometown of Andy Devine. Heidi Osselaer will discuss the early women of Arizona law enforcement at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts, 400 West Beale Street. How exciting can that get?

And a teaser in April:

Apr 11 - Yuma Tunes and Tacos in Yuma, AZ. A competition for the best taco. Hot stuff on a hot day!

My thanks to Highroads Magazine and AAA Arizona. The Ides of March are coming!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if this type of entertainment is lost. Not in Arizona it sounds like. I've got to get further away from the city.

  2. I hope it isn't lost, maybe misplaced, though. A trip to the swamp may help, Charles, a little recreation and spring brreak is coming.

  3. It sounds like fun…wish I was there to enjoy some of it!


  4. I would enjoy many of these events.