Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Anniversary

I sure seems like a long time since we stood before the preacher and he pronounced us man and wife. Well, it is a long time, say 43 years of married bliss (tsk, tsk), many miles we've traveled together and many exciting times have passed down the drain of life.

My Rules for a Long and Happy Marriage:

1. The husband is never right and concedes every time.
2. The wife is NEVER wrong. As long as she thinks that, everything is calm.
3. Back seat driving is just fine, as long as the husband says: It's that way, all right, and continues to the destination.
4. Never criticize your wife's cooking.
5. Never complain about her shopping. It's a necessary outlet to relieve the stress of being wrong.
6. Never mention money or overspending and always suggest she put the money in her account. 
7. Always suggest going out for dinner. She will get tired of restaurant food and start cooking again.
8. Don't forget to tell her she looks pretty in her new dress, even though it might be a little off kilter.
 9. Her relatives are just fine to visit over Christmas while the man's are never going to step foot in this house.
10. Don't forget, she is NEVER wrong.


  1. 43 years is a nice run, your 10 rules must be working.

  2. Oscar, many congratulations and best wishes to you and your wife!

  3. Don't they say never to criticise your wife's choices as you're one of them?

    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  4. Hope you don’t mind me jumping on your fun here, Oscar.

    1-3: I endanger these first commandments on a regular basis.
    4: No worries, my charmer provides some of the most creative, tasty meals.
    5: She is more frugal than I.
    6: Once we have some steady currency to be concerned about I will return to this proposal.
    7: We equally prefer eating at home. Restaurants—available on our dime—has been in steady decline for years.
    8: Agreed.
    9: A sound policy, sir.
    10: We respectively like to challenge each other and are quick to apologize if one of us is wrong. I’m currently still standing by my support of Taylor Swift.

    Happy Anniversary, Oscar! To you and your significant other. And here’s to many more happy years.