Sunday, February 8, 2015

Movie: The Homesman

The Homesman with Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank was quite an epic of another sort and may be considered by some (my wife) a downer. Hilary Swank takes on an assignment to take three looney women to Iowa for shipment further east. She sets out but runs across a man sitting on a horse with a rope around his neck (Tommy Lee Jones), and she frees him after he says he will do anything she says and that means escorting her and the women to their destination.

The further progress they make, the more of a downer it becomes with the Pawnees and getting lost and one of the women running away and what-all. It makes for good dramatic entertainment with Jones and Swank doing a great job of acting and the cinemaphotography is excellent with the landscape bare and bleak, a warning to be on the lookout, adding another dimension to the movie.

I thought the acting was great and the movie just fine. Everyone connected with it deserves the awards to be received. Even Meryl Streep had a part in it, and she always does a fantastic job.


  1. I've seen the previews and it looks really good. Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favorite actors.

  2. Tommy Lee does a great job in this one and H. Swank isn't too bad either, along with the supporting actors..

  3. Great cast. I expect to watch it when it gets to netflix.

  4. I think you'll enjoy it, although it isn't very upbeat.