Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Hardin Movie

True West says there will be a movie on John Wesley Hardin before too long. Mr. Hardin didn't get the publicity that Billy the Kid did, but he was just as much a killer if not more. In an article by C. Courtney Joyner, he sez the movie's producer "wanted an entirely real approach to the outlaw's life with no compromises." If it turns out to be anything like the book by Lewis Nordyke, it'll be a barn-burner of a movie. "Beside him, Billy the Kid was a rank amateur," said the Kansas City Star about John Wesley Hardin, Texas Gunman, the book. Who will play Hardin in the movie hasn't yet been determined, but "will be a major name."

I can hardly wait to see this one. I just hope it doesn't take years to complete. 


  1. Sounds good, Oscar. Just a shame John Ford ain't around to make it.

    1. It will be a good one in any event, but John Ford would probably make it better.

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