Thursday, November 8, 2012


The New Mexico Book Coop reports that two Santa Fe Publishers have bit the dust, Clearlight Publishing has declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Pennywhistle Press is liquidating. Sorry to hear this. The Publishing Industry seems to be consolidating as reflected by this and Penguin Books is merging with Random House owned by Bertlesman, the German Company, the largest book company in the world! My, my! What is going on?

And the smallest Book Company owned by me, will have a signing at Gifts to Go in Surprise on November 16th. All my books will be for sale, all five of them: The Stranger from the Valley, The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle, Blood and Blazes in Upamona, The Bloody Gulch, and Posse Justice. All are exciting and entertaining as my neighbor says: "I really enjoyed reading Posse Justice and just ordered two more."
And, "When is the next one coming out?" I will tell you that The Man from Hanksville is well underway, in fact it is written, complete, and will be coming out in a month or two if not sooner. And after that, there will be at least two more, Trouble at the Sagrado Ranch and Along the Sanpete, both tentatively titled.

So, I will not be going out of business this year! 


  1. Sorry to hear of this. Maybe your small publication house will grow, though! :)

  2. You got yourself a niche market that should keep on growing. The big guys can take care of themselves.

    1. I hope it keeps on growing, Ron. The big guys are becoming fewer and fewer, but they still control most of it, even with Kindle, another big guy.