Thursday, August 23, 2012

True West mag, again

The October ed. of True West has some truly remarkable statuary in it. Some of the subjects I never heard of, like Kid Russell and Monte. Turns out that Kid Russell is Charles Russell, the artist who painted cowboys and Indians. And I've heard of Charles Goodnight but not John C. "Jack" Hays. The statue of Hays is in San Marcos, TX, and he was a captain in the Texas Rangers in the 1840's. There is a statue of John Wayne in Winterset, Iowa, his hometown, and several statues of Wyatt Earp. There is a series of statues that takes up a city block in Pioneer Courage Park, Omaha Nebraska, that memorializes the wagon train.

The title of the article is "53 Statues You Need to See Before You Die" and was compiled by the editors of the magazine. An outstanding collection and hits on a subject that is not well publicized as a whole even though some of the individual artists are well known.

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