Sunday, August 19, 2012

My latest novel, Posse Justice

Another short excerpt from Posse Justice from the beginning of Chapter 14:

     "We robbed that bank about two weeks ago," Rusty said, "and we ain't been able to spend ary a penny of the loot. And we ain't been able to lose that posse neither."
     "If we hadn't captured that girl, we could've lost the posse a long time ago," said Dave. "She's been holding us back. We ought to let her go and get on with it."
     "We can't do that. She's going to be our ticket out of here if we get surrounded. Ain't that right, Missy?" said Dusty.

     With Shaky and Flint on lookout, Rusty, Dusty, and Dave kept their eyes on me. I stared back at them from my cramped and tied-up position on the ground. I needed help getting off my horse after riding most of the day. We stopped to rest the horses in a small valley with lots of trees and bushes and a stream flowing through. I dropped to the ground.
     "Look at her," said Dusty. "A poor excuse for a woman. Her hair is all messed up, her dress is ragged and dirty, and her hands are grimy. Look at her face. What's that smudge or is it a bruise on her cheek below her left eye where it's dark-like? Did someone hit her?"
     "That's where I slapped her," said Rusty. "Had to, to get her moving."
     "You can't win her over that way," said Dusty. "You could treat her with a little kindness. Maybe she'll join up with us."
     I was quiet. I'm tired and my joints ached from the joggling on the horse. Being tied up was difficult, even if I am an experienced cowgirl. Not being able to move my arms and the strides of the horse threw me off balance at times, requiring more leg use and pressure on the inside of my calves and thighs. I managed to raise my head and take a look at the three men standing there staring at me. Groaning, I said, "Why don't yuou let me go and you can get away faster. Just leave me here."
     "Shut up!" said Rusty. "We heard enough of your suggestions."
     He raised his arm to slap me again, but Dave grabbed it.
     "You heard your brother, Rusty. You got to start treating her better to get any help from her."
     Rusty gave him a long, dirty stare and relaxed his arm, saying, "I don't believe in it, I don't. If you don't threat them rough, they run all over you."
      "I know I'm not going to change your mind," said, Dave, "but if you just take it easy on her she might start to cooperate and not hold us back with all her aches and pains."
     "Oh-ho, you done fell in love with her, haven't you?" Rusty said. "And now you're going to start protecting her like she's your very own. Did you hear that, Dusty? Dave's fell for the girl. Well, he can do all the watching of her, then, for all I care."  -End of excerpt-

Just finished this book and it should be available from Amazon in a week or two or a little longer. Pick up a copy when it's out and give it a good read and tell everyone how you liked it!


  1. Congrats on getting it done! Hope it does well.

  2. Congratulations, Oscar! All success to your new book. Like the title.

    1. Prashant, thanks! I'll keep my fingers crossed.