Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's Continue

Wal, cowboys 'n cowgirls, I didn't quite finish the last post due to disruption of a major order concerning our telephone. We lost the signal and I had to tear my "Office" apart to get at the electrical inlet where the phone was plugged into the wall. I would've taken a picture, but it was just too messy. I think that desk weighed at least two tons as I tried to move it away from the wall and, of course, I had to remove everything on it and in it, including the drawers to get to the phone plug. My printer/scanner was down along with the rest of the mess, so I'm providing a couple of scans for the last post.

This first one is a copy of the cover of Jim Olson's non-fiction book, Cowboy Heroes of the Southwest, right here:

Ah-h! It showed up.

The next one is of Bobbi Jeen Olson's publicity/media card I picked up at the celebration Saturday night:

Ride 'em, Cowgirl. You go girl! (Front of the card)

(Reverse of the card). The back has her tell-all bio for public consumption, here, in three sections:

Check out her website at for much more.

Also, check out Jim Olson's blogs at and
for much more and great information.


  1. Seems like many folks are having access problems all of a sudden. great images

  2. It must be the change in the weather or Hurricane Isaac. That was a tremendous amount of rain you received at one setting.

  3. Bobbi Jeen Olson has some terrific images there.

    1. She sure does and she knows how to shoot, too!