Thursday, June 21, 2012

Short Story

Now that the Navy allows women to serve on ships, it will raise all kinds of problems. This story illustrates one that could arise.


The ship is getting underway this morning at 0930 and I have exactly one hour to make it and deliver my baby to my parents to watch while we're out to sea. I'm already stressed out from all that has preceded this trip to the docks. I haven't mentioned a thing to my parents about the baby or its father, and I know they will be upset that I haven't said anything about it and even more upset that I am leaving it with them to take care of. There is nothing else I can do, except leave it in the hands of some stranger, an option that doesn't appeal to me in the least. I hate its father, but I love it and want it to be in safe hands.

I could end it all by turning my car into a semi, but that would be murder, even though I wouldn't be around to face the charges, at least I hope I would be killed in the accident. That seems a little drastic, killing my baby to get even with its father. He's a no-good slacker of a man and not worth the time it would take. I was deeply in love with him, is why I had this baby, but the baby is here and he isn't. Didn't even show up at the hospital to help me through the birth or see the new-born piece of his flesh. I should've had better sense than to believe his words and let him take advantage of me. And now, having to face my parents and hand the baby over to them and scoot out in a hurry is almost too much to have to go through. I could go AWOL and hope they never catch up with me, but that wouldn't be a very good life for me or the baby. I have to turn in this rental car as soon as I drop him off, too, and no money to pay for it. I'm going to write them a bad check and hope I can get out of there without them knowing it and catch a cab to the dock.

How did I ever get into this mess? If I wasn't in the Navy, it would be a lot easier, but when my division officer hears about this, it'll be the last straw. At least the baby will be safe. I can see it in the rear view mirror sound asleep with a little grin on his cute little face. A feeling of desperation comes over me as I look at him.
I'll just have to do what I have to do and let nature take its course. Here we are at my parents' house. It's almost more than I can bear. I can hear my mother now, "You can't do this, Katy. We don't have any way to care for a baby with your dad sick and me in a wheelchair." I'll just hand him to her and not say a word and turn around and leave. Oh, God, this is too much!



  1. Replies
    1. Young women face many problems when they sign up for the military, but suicide is a last resort. They have a much better indoctrination and counseling service these days than "back in the day".

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