Thursday, June 14, 2012


Here's a recap of my western novels in case you may have forgotten them:

The Stranger from the Valley. Marshal Chappie Wesford is given a military mission to a small town, Altaveel, to deliver Civil War awards to two residents. He arrives a couple weeks early and runs into trouble with the Henberry clan who think he's there to take over their business. A comical and exciting story.

The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle. Marshal Red Skene is on the trail of two prison escapees who have joined up with sheepherder Slim Sanglant and are trying to take over his cousins' gold diggings.

Blood and Blazes in Upamona. Red Skene, now the County Sheriff, is called back to Upamona to control Slim Sanglant who is back in town after serving time and is bent on revenge.

The Bloody Gulch. Just out. Sheriff Bill Little has his hands full when the CB Ranch gang comes to town.

All these are available for purchase at reasonable prices from and the first three are available for the Kindle machine and other readers. The Bloody Gulch will be coming on to Kindle, etc., in the near future. I ask that you pick up a copy of one or all and enjoy the read.

My next book, Posse Justice, will be coming out in a couple of months for your reading pleasure.  


  1. A good looking bunch. I've got two of these. Have got to get some more reading time in. I haven't had much lately.

    1. Thanks, Charles. I can't find enough reading time either. Hope everything's going well.

  2. I really like your character names.

    1. They were pulled out of my hat. Thanks, Patsy.