Sunday, August 14, 2011

Otherwise Occupied

These past couple of weeks I've been busier than a two-tailed horse ankle deep in a swamp brushing flies and mosquitoes from its flanks. First, it was looking after two great-grandsons, ages 7 and 8, for the last three weeks, and second, it was company from out of town. Don't get me wrong, if I'm going to be over-busy, I would just as soon do it this way. We had barrels of fun bowling, eating, movie-going, eating, antiquing, zoo-ing, shopping, eating, and what have you, but it left no time for much else, other than a glass of red wine before and during dinner.  Just following the doctor's orders with the wine. I'm re-aquiring my alcoholic taste, or is it taste for alcohol? Anyway, we had a blast.

 I haven't reported much about my book-signing and sales activity recently, or forever for that matter. I may have mentioned it in passing, but in June I sold six books while camped out on a Mesa sidewalk watching the people go by at the 2nd Friday Night Out event from six to ten PM. After the sun went down behind the cactus to the west, the temperature dropped all the way down to about ninety degrees. What a welcome relief! Six books sold is better than six books still in the box, but I don't expect to become a mill---- to make much money at this, yet.

The next event was in July at some new shops opening up in Surprise, AZ. The setup was inside and not bad - at least it was cool. Traffic hadn't been built up yet, it being too new, but all-in-all, it was tolerable and about half the people who came walking by during the two eight-hour days bought a book, running the total sold clear up to SIX again. Like I said, I don't expect to become a milli----to make much money at this, yet. Six books sold is better than six books in the box in the closet.

The next big event will be in Sedona, AZ, on October 1 at the Yavapai College site there, the Sedona Book Festival. Maybe I can run up the sales to seven or even eight books sold. If I can set up a signing before then somewhere that would spur me on to the October Event and pacify my senses, maybe, and my cents's. This is courtesy of the Arizona Authors Association, which will bring out the people. The weather will be nice and what else do you need in Sedona among the red rocks?


  1. Sedona, oh man that brings back memories from our trip this stummer. Loved that place. so beautiful. I'm jealous of you going there, and for a BOOK festival no less. I hope you sell lots.

  2. Sedona loosens the purse strings, I've heard. Everyone is in a happy mood among the red rocks and vortexes. Thanks, Charles.