Thursday, August 11, 2011

End of Trip to Illinois

"January 1st 1830
"Got up and proposed to have horse for the Captain to ride to W MColla' on the St Louis road as they informed us, the road was not open from that place to Vandalia, disantce 57 miles but on hearing the amount they were about to charge the sum of the $4. we came to the conclusion we would go till our legs dropped off and then ....(?).... -- We paid our bill each 37 cents - and put off on foot - a SW direction across prairie continued so for about 8 miles, came to Post Oak timber and scrubby underbrush continued some distance until sunset and did not make road as we calculated came into Open prairie, saw a smoke about a mile west of us and put to it found ourselves 5 miles from M Calla's where we calculated to get to, put up for the night a dish of tainted pork sporbs(?) venison and fried cabbage without either salt or vinegar, Slept on the floor. 3 or 4 bottle shaped females (girls) as dirty as sin as lazy as the devil, paid at the Hog pen where we stayed last night - 12 1/2 cents

"Jan 2d 1830
"Started across prairie ad woods to M. M Callas stated to be only 5 miles found it to be 7. got there 10 o'clock AM. On the S. Louis road whee it crosses the Little Wabash. made a bargain with M Calla to carry us to Vandalia 50 miles paid stage here $3.33 1/2
          Breakfast  .25
and started across woods by an old road left the little village of maysville to our left get there in 2 mi to 6 mi. Prairie then a point of timber then 12 miles to Mr. Dunham on the edge of grand prairie 22 miles from M Callas on a rise of gournd a delightful looking place. Couldn't help in crossing the prairie of thinking how many poor worthless devils that live in my native place, might with a small spice of enterprise come here and live rent and tax free like kings.

"January 3d 1830
"Paid Dunham 31 1/4 cents
 Crossed the Grand Prairie called 13 miles, nigher 16. Looked delightful dry rolling hills with small ravines running through it land said to be good, marsh and road muddy 12 o'clock breakfasted on the west edge of prairie a poor breakfast, paid 25 cents.
With the exception of two mile prairies from thence to Vandalia all timbered land and the last 2 miles very muddy on the Kaskaskia river bottom about impossible some good rail timber on the last 12 miles, Sunset Vandalia poeple from all parts of the state -
Delivered letter to Mr Tillson of Hillsboror
Do to D. E. Cuyler of St Louis
               Mr Sanburn
All the above introduced themselves, Mr Tillson informed me he has written brother Leonard 4 weeks ago. Stopped at M. Duncans called at the Post office no letters or papers -
Bills up to this time $24.89 3/4

"January 4th 1830 -
             Paid Duncan .75
             Barber - .06 1/4
Rather a gloomy day my boots worn out took them to the Shoemakers to mend left Col Duncans and took lodgings at Mr Lees where matters and things looked a little more neat than at Col Duncans and less crowded . Called at the Auditors office with the Corporal where he has business took special notice of the people and especially all who appeared to act in the office. lst a young stripling of a boy 21 or 2 years of age and as pompous a young lad as I ever saw - Chief Steward and Book Keeper --
2d - a man say about 30 years of age a thin spare man with a roll(?) foot"

[Well, that's where he stopped writing about this trip. Did he ever make it to Illinois or is he in Illinois? Hell, I don't know. From there he went into his family history. Himself, Zophar, was born in 1804, married Mary E. Halstead Mar 20th 1833 - had children - Elizabeth who married Robt L. Moore Oct 28, 1857, Henry, Augusta, Edward, Hardin, Zophar, Warren, Ellen, Leonard, Mary, Dan'l who died in infancy, Eckstein and Georgeanna who got burned and died. 13 kids. I'm assuming he returned to Ohio (or Pennsylvania where his mother was born Oct 16th 1761 in the forks of Youlhagany - Westmoreland Co Pa.) His brother Leonard born July 29, 1786 was an interesting story, which I might get into in a future post or you can read about it in the history of Case Western Reserve University if you are so inclined. This is NOT my branch of the Case family.]

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