Thursday, August 4, 2011

Journal Continues

"Dec 27th 1829 After havaing paid bill passed down the river country not very pleasant, rather a gloomy day being Sunday did not row very hard at 25 miles Attica on the East Bank of the Wabash 2 o'clock PM Continued down river 8 miles to Portland. Sunset calculated to stop 9 miles further down at Covington in the dark out of humor but Mr. Clark and Capt Wilkinson were on the lookout and did not see it, or were a little obstinate and would not see it at 7 miles further down Terrysville 9 o'clock PM. on the West bank of the Wabash a very small town did not see it - Am in rather ill humor on account of running so late at night.
"Expenses $0.93 3/4 Bought shirt $1.50 (calico)

"December 28 - 1829
" Mr.English, Store and Tavern Keeper Started at 5 o'clock AM across the country 7 miles to Eugene a little village on on the Vermillion 3 miles from the mouth to collect a debt for Mr. J. L. Congor (...?...) against Dock Richard Taylor crossed the Vermillion West to the Doctor Doctor not at home keeps tavern fine prarie farms from Terrysvill to Eugene Mills at Eugene, thence down the Vermillion to the mouth to wait for Capt Wilkinson and Mr Clarke to come up with the canoe 9 miles by the river they arrived at the mouth of the Vermillion's after 10 o'clock Continued down the river to Montezuma on the East Bank of the river 30 miles from Perrysville Continued down the river to Clinton on the West Bank of the river. went 15 miles further to Ferry Mr. Davis & co. at 7 o'clock very dark stopped 10 miles nothing very remarkable land not very pleasing along the river except very rich bottoms overflow. Saw some paraquetes the first I ever saw it is said they may be tamed and will imitate sounds
"Expenses 50 cents

"December 29. 1829. Tuesday
"Paid Mr. Davis for sleeping on the floor and his wife blowing her nose in the bread as she mixed it up that night - Thence down the river 11 miles to Terrehaute at 6 miles above Terre Haute on the East bank of the river fork Harrison, Terre Haute 21 miles below Clinton and on the East bank of the river land rather better than above. The population of Terre Haute about 600 from actual census, one year ago 550, on rise of ground, a fine looking Court House Breakfasted at Dolis paid .25 Thence down the river 25 miles to Darwin some altercations about leaving canoe and going on foot by land Stopped for the night at Mr. Motts a girl or doxy the most lewd appearing female I ever saw concluded to go by land from the place. Paid Mr. Mott at Darwin 15 cents. 

"December 30th 1829 -----
"Started by land on the road to York a small village on the Wabash below 9 miles by land and 18 by water, left a little to the left, some very good prairie farms from Darwin to York, Saw some geese of a mixed breed, said to produce a greater quantity of feathers than the common tamed geese but will not increase any Farms already cleared producing corn cotton and tobacco will produce wheat, rather dry and sandy no water excepting wells proceeded onward from York southerly direction to intersect the road leading from Palestine to Vandalia Some small wet prairie not very pleasant, timber of what is generally called Post Oak, soil not very good - scrub oak plains occasionally People up & about some of them had never heard of Vandalia the seat of Government, and others reconed [sic] it to be a considerable distance off but did not know whether it was in the United States or not made the road about sunset at Mr Woods 12 miles from York a real Hog and Hominy concern putting up pork for New Orleans market people live more like article they deal in than Human beings

"December 31st 1829 
Left Mr. Woods after paying bill 25 cents, washing 20 cents. Thence West on the Vandalia road crossed some small prairies at 10 1/2 mi. an old Block heads to breakfast, had stinking pork Crout Indian bread and some burned coffee paid for breakfast 12 1/2. Continuation same course some miles further to a house paid contingent 6 1/4 tried to get horses - but no has not any but soar backs and gone from home, 12 miles further to be Embassads(? ) After dark some prairies, a good deal displeased with the people, more like heathen than otherwise hallowed for ferryman. Came crossed over to house 3/4 of a mile tried to get horse but could not consent until after telling them that the Capt had rheumatism they consented to go to the St Louis road at the little Wabash, (a heathenish set of devils

[One more post of the journal coming up next. The diarist seems to be growing tired of the journey and hasn't met any people he liked for awhile. I can't blame him as the conditions at the rest stops were not exactly luxurious. Since the bought the canoe, they've made good time - much better than walking.]


  1. I was with you right up to 5AM - everyone knows % o'clock is PM!

  2. "blowing her nose in the bread." Man,that's pretty gagworthy!

  3. Patsy, except me and the person who is writing the journal, I guess. It must be a European thing. ?????

    Charles, it almost makes you sick just reading it.