Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bluff, Utah, photos

Entering Bluff from the west:

Nearer the cliffs a couple blocks from the main drag:

An old empty house, probably built after the flood in the 1880's. It was pretty run down::

The cliff on the eastern edge of town with huge boulders broken away from the bluff. The directional signs give you an idea of the size:

An empty building with an old, broken down '46 or '48 or later Buick in front across the road from the boulders. The sign reads "Cow Canyon Trading Post::

Another photo of the big boulders and the cliff as you leave town to the east:

The Navajo Twin Rocks, a Bluff attraction, also called the Twin Sisters, on the road leaving town to the east:

A car entering the town from the east with the cliffs on their right:

The Twin Sisters again with telephone poles in front (drat it!):

The flood plain with hay growing on a farm in the valley. The San Juan River flows on the other side of it beneath the ridge across the valley to the south::

Anyway, this is the setting for Murder Under the Cliffs, a forthcoming novel. An ex-sheriff comes to Bluff to write a history of the town and gets involved in a murder and has to hunt down the killer or killers. It's a western, of course.


  1. If it's true that the environment shapes the people who live in it, these bluffs must have a remarkable effect on the psyche. Great pics. Thanks.

    I think that Cow Canyon Trading Post has got to find a place in your novel. It's got to be overflowing with stories.

  2. Ron, the cliffs play a part in the novel, but always in the background. I'm using the only cafe as the meeting place in the story, but the trading post could be added. I'll have to think about it.

  3. A wonderful selection of photos, Oscar. It's a pleasure to view them. Thank you.

  4. Thanks, Valance. Just a throw-away camera, but it took pretty good photos.

  5. Curly, do you also go by carl? Did you live in San Diego ever? Do you remember Paulette & William? You had 2 sons, right? If interested, respond on your blog and I'll contact you. P