Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is one of the Angus bulls on my niece's ranch in Altonah, Utah:

Taking it easy in the mid-day sun in the shade of a cedar tree:

A few animals out in the pasture, eating grass and enjoying the morning sun:

I admit, my throw-away camera doesn't do the best job, and adjusting the photos is not always possible with my knowledge, but it gives you an idea of the terrain and the general atmosphere.

Here's one of the vegetation along the roadway into Duchesne:

Don't ask me identify them.

I have a few more that I will post, taken around Bluff, Utah, the location of one of the novels I'm working on, called Murder Under the Cliffs.  


  1. Very interesting, Oscar. That's a lot of beef.

  2. It is, but the small pictures don't do them justice. The bull on a full screen is majestic, I think.

  3. Your yellow flowers might be Alpine wallflowers lots of them around here. But then again I am not much of a flower expert. But like the ol’ cowboy might of said, “I do know purdy when I see it and them is purdy.”(not sure anyone really said purdy)
    Sounds like it was a great time, except for the getting sick part. Cattle look nice; did they feed you a steak or two while you were there? We took a trip to Oklahoma this summer to visit ranch relatives and ate more steak in four days than I usually eat in a year. Oh—and it was good!

  4. Old guy rambling: I enjoy a good steak now and then, but we only had pulled pork for the main meal. It was great! The flowers in the mountains are "purdy" all right. My wife's from Kansas and they have great steaks there, too.