Thursday, September 16, 2010

My g-gpa's journal

May 31, 1841: Returned to driving stage on his old route from Jacksonville to Naples, Illinois.

Jul 1, 1841: Quit driving stage. Attended a murder trial presided over by Judge Stephen A. Douglas in Jacksonville. The murderer was sentenced to be hung on 23 July, but he broke out of jail a couple days before and "went to Texas." He left a note saying he was sorry to disappoint his friends who had planned to watch the hanging.

For the remainder of 1841, he did odd jobs and made several trips to Jacksonville, Quincy, Columbus, Nauvoo for one thing and another. Traveled about 1500 miles in the year.

Jan-Feb 1842:  Frank A. and I became business partners and commenced building a shop to make chairs. We bought the tools, built our shop, and began making chairs.

March 1842:  Fell ill and thinking that I would no longer be of this earth, I was baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints. I soon began to feel better, but still rather weak.

April: Began working on chairs.

May: Went to Nauvoo and witnessed a parade by the Nauvoo Legion commanded by General Joseph Smith.

June-July: Busy with chairs and attending church meetings.

Aug 1: Voted on election day in Columbus. Turned 25 years old this month.

The last months of the year 1842, he worked in a sawmill operating a lathe. Evidently the chair business didn't work out. He traveled about 900 miles in 1842.


  1. Seems like a lot of traveling for his time. Sometimes, though, when you read people's stories, the whole country seemed to be on the move back then - pulling up stakes and going somewhere else.

  2. They were busy people, going from one place to another for one reason and another and they either walked, rode a horse or wagon (if they had either), and it seemed difficult to find a place to settle down. They never seemed to be satisfied once they did settle in, the grass being always greener somewhere else.

  3. Fascinating reading, Oscar. Don't suppose you have a talent for making chairs, do you?

  4. I don't make any chairs, but have done a little woodworking.