Sunday, November 8, 2009

They called him Bill - Just Buffalo Bill.

Before we get started on the blog, I better explain the photo in the header. Egad, the size of it! It would choke a Clydesdale! First of all, I tried to reduce the size, but it didn't work, so it'll be this way until I throw up something else. This is a picture of the Lot Powell house taken in 1994 and had been vacant for years. It's located in Altonah, Utah, or what was Altonah in the '30's. All the buildings on the main road have been torn down because the land was returned to the Indians, as I understand it. However, there is a single-wide home in the old schoolyard. My oldest sister was married in this log cabin by Bishop Powell in 1929 and she and her husband lived up the road about two or three miles north from here, raising cattle, sheep, horses, etc., on the "ranch."

Now, on to the blog:  The Title lines above are from the poem by F. P. Livingston, The Great Scout, and this is a description of the book, Life and Adventues of "Buffalo Bill", by Colonel William F. Cody, copyright 1939 by Mrs. "Johnny" Baker, Lookout Mountain, Golden Colorado and printed in the U.S.A. by The Smith-Brooks Printing Co., Denver, Colorado. It is the Autobiography of Buffalo Bill Cody with an introduction by Cody and a Preface by William Lightfoot Visscher written in Chicago, January 25, 1917. After the Preface is a listing of Chapters with a short synopsis of each under the title, Autobiography of Buffalo Bill, and then it's on to the manuscript itself. It begins with his childhood and then continues on through his exploits and times of the wild west show to Chapter XXIV, The End of the Trail, with many illustrations. Right from the "horse's mouth," as they say, all in Buffalo Bill's words. In it, he explains how he come by the name, "Buffalo Bill," if you have forgotten or would like to read it again. You name it, he's done it, from trapping on the Chugwater, fighting the Indians (hostiles, he calls them), hunting buffalo, and the entertainment business, a busy and varied life, and an interesting book, sold by the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum, Alt. 7375 Ft, Lookout Mt. Colorado. I paid $12.50 for it at a used book store or an antique store sometime ago, who knows where or when.


  1. That is a grande header but the house has a lot of character. I could sit there with a keyboard and type.

  2. Dave: HAHAHAHA! I was going to say that it was Butch Cassidy's old house, but I knew that wasn't true. If it could talk, it would tell a lot of good stories, but like you said, you can sit and type and make up some good ones, too.