Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flaming Gorge Country

By golly! This picture in the header isn't quite so big as the house. It's a drawing of one of the gravesites in Tombstone, AZ, that was imprinted on a magnet that is stuck on my file cabinet.

The book, Flaming Gorge Country, by Dick and Vivian Dunham, was copyrighted in 1947 under the title Our Strip of Land by the Dunhams, and in 1977 was copyrighted by Richard R. Dunham as Flaming Gorge Country, The Story of Daggett County, Utah. It has illustrations and photographs, and is where Brown's Park (or Hole) is located, in the northeast corner of the State bordering Colorado on the east and Wyoming on the north. The Flaming Gorge Lake on the Green River is in Wyoming and Utah. The Green River runs south then swings to the east and in to Colorado above Ladore Canyon. The lake dam is in Red Canyon on the river after turning east in Utah. Brown's Park is an area along the river in Utah and Colorado before it turns south through Ladore Canyon.

Some of the notorious figures that hid out in or passed through Brown's Park were Tom Horn, Harry Tracy, Matt Warner, Tom McArty, Isom Dart, Butch Cassidy, and others.

And this book is a great exposition of the history of the county, 384 pages with index. If you've never visited Flaming Gorge, you have an experience wating for you, whether it's fishing, hiking, camping, beaching, or what have you, or just passing through. It's a beautiful lake in a great setting.


  1. Another great header. And Flaming Gorge sounds like my kind of destination.

  2. You would certainly enjoy it, but it's still pretty isolated, no freeways to it.