Sunday, August 30, 2009

Western Fans

I woke up a little after midnight last night thinking about the over 800 westerns available from Berkley (Penguin-US), and my thought was: "That's one more book than the number of western readers."

We all know that ain't true, there are at least 900 fans of the western. Of course, I don't have any real statistics to back it up, but extrapolating from a survey that I recently conducted where I asked certain of my fans to tell me what type books they read, or if they don't read, why not, I can come up with that figure of at least 900, almost, being only 898 shy of the mark. None of my fans said anything about reading westerns, in fact, only three answered that they read a book now and then, other than the one who said she had read all of Janet Evanovich's novels. WOW! Ms. Evanovich is a terrific writer of mysteries, at least that's what I gather, including One For The Money, Hard Eight and Finger Lickin' Fifteen, which info I just copied from the net, not having read any of her writings, yet, since I haven't read a mystery since the days of Ellery Queen, or was it Mickey Spillane, except for Ulysses, which still remains a mystery to me.

But back to those 900 western fans. The other respondents to my survey said, er, one of them said, "I read about anything that catches my eye." So we can put her down as a definite fan of the western. And, if you add up all of the ones that didn't answer any question, it either means they don't have the time or they don't  read books at all, but at least one of them would go see a western movie if their boyfriend or girlfriend insisted, the odds are. So we can put one more down as a western fan.

And there you have it! We can say that the other 450 western bloggers have at least two fans of the western, if their results come out the same as mine, and totaling them up equals 900, or is it 902? That means, if I can corner those fans and convince them to buy THE STRANGER FROM THE VALLEY, I'll be able to sell at least about 902 copies of the book, and that would be about the break even point, I figure. It's available now from,, and others. And iuniverse will even sell you an electronic copy for only $6.00. Order it today!


  1. Think you got your sums wrong. Multiply that 900 odd figure by every country in the world and that would be closer to a true figure.
    The biggest fan bases for westerns are France, Germany, Australia.

  2. Jack: That's great and would add up to a fine figure! All I have to do is get the book published in those languages and sell them a copy. Wow! Business is improving already. I hear that New Zealand and Samoa have about 900 fans between them. Seriously, I was looking into the Australian fan base, but didn't find out much due to lack of time. Might get back to it later.

  3. For Anonymous: I chose not to publish your comment to maintain your anonymity, but I understand there have been problems with some self-publishing companies in regard to receiving all of the royalties. It's a waste of your money to investigate the causes, unless there were quite a few authors involved in it and you pooled your resources.