Thursday, August 27, 2009

In the works

(NOTE: I changed the title of the introduction over on the right side so as not to exclude females for those who may have thought that "broncos" only referred to males. I should have said "bronco busters" or not even used the term to begin with, since I wasn't referring to wild horses. But if any wild horses can read, they are certainly welcome to sign on as followers.)

As a new "kid" on the blogging block, I'm doing my part to encourage people to read more western novels by writing them and making them available to everyone as time goes by. So far, I have eight novels in the works:

1. The Stranger From the Valley, recently published by iunverse. This was self-published in the attempt to get the ball rolling. It is the first novel I wrote, and is especially important to me because of the fictitious autobiographical aspects it contains, although it may not receive any good reviews or any reviews at all..
2. The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle = At the publisher awaiting rejection?? No, that's the wrong way to look at it, it's awaiting acceptance and will be published (I hope). 
3. Bloody Upamona = a sequel to #2.
4. Trouble at Sagrado Ranch, starts out in Texas, moves to New Mexico and eventually to Utah.
5. Reluctant Deputy Tom Anderson. Set in Sevier County, Utah
6, The Long Time Posse - Boring so far, but am working on it. I like the Ute deputy though.
7. Up the Arkansas - Ugh! I've put a lot of time on this one, but it hasn't really jelled yet. Been rejected as a longer novel three or four times.
8. The Bloody Gulch -  The setting for this one is the early days of Roosevelt, Utah. The non-elected Sheriff has his hands full when a new outfit moves in. About ready for a try-out with a publisher, Black Horse Westerns?? Maybe. I think it has a good chance on the first go-round to be published. (He says, with fingers crossed.).

The titles may change as they are finished off.  I'll be submitting The Bloody Gulch to a publisher afore long, and hope it isn't rejected right off, and then Bloody Upamona, as it stands now today.

I have an eye appointment this morning to see how my glaucoma is progressing or not. If it isn't one thing its another. Old age is not for the ----------- (fill in blank with an appropriate word followed by a swear word or two).


  1. Eight novels going at once? I see now why you have artwork instead of a photo in your profile. You have 8 heads and 16 hands.

  2. Dave, I'll probably never get them all published, but if I get three or four of them, that'll be fine. I'll leave the rest for someone else to puzzle over, if they think it's worth it.