Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taxes/Trouble at Sagrado excerpt

Food License Tax,Fuel Permit,Tax, Gasoline Tax,Gross Receipts Tax,Hunting License Tax,Inheritance Tax, Inventory Tax,IRS Interest Charges on IRS Penalties (Tax on top of Tax),Liquor Tax,Luxury Taxes,Marriage License Tax (to be continued)

Excerpt from "Trouble at the Sagrado Ranch":

There were two corrals placed around the barn area for the horses, a large one and a smaller one they used to hold two or three animals for breaking purposes or some other reason. This morning there were two horses in the small pen, a beautiful black and a sorrel. The wrangle had the sorrel tethered to a post in one of the corners and had just lassoed the black. He was getting ready to throw on a saddle. Mr. Hawkins was the ony other person there as there as the two young men approached.

"Getting ready to tackle Black Velvet, is he?" LeGrand said to his Pa.

"For the second time, yup. He got threw off the first time."

"Want me to hold that rope, Lute, while you put on the saddle?" LeGrand asked.

"Nah, it's fine."

Lute was a man of average size, tanned by the sun in the exposed places, strong, slim, and confident in what he as doing. The three spectators watched him as he put on a demonstration of the bucking horse variety. He let Velvet have his way, urging him on as he went flying around the corral, clinging to the saddle with both legs, and holding on to the reins and saddle horn as he bounced up and down. He hung on untl the horse made a final kick and put the front legs and the back legs together in a wild buck. Lute went flying over the rails, landing on his head and shoulders, the momentum carrying him in a somersault and coming to a rest in a sitting position in the dirt, unhurt, his hat askew, but still attached to his head. He sat there with his arms around his legs, taking a few deep breaths and staring around at the hills in the distance.

"Is this a new way to practice cartwheels, Lute?" Mr. Hawkins asked. "Or are y'all just taking a break?"

"I was just admiring the view of the hills over there, is all," he replied when he had sufficient breath. "I think that horse is trying to kll me, though!"

"I think y'all did a great job at riding there," said Thad. "Are you going to try it again?"

"You bet! I think he's about ready to give in and let me be the boss," Lute replied, slowly getting to his feet. He climbed through the rails, grabbed a rope and lassoed Velvet, who was on the other side of the enclosure. Lute made his way to the center as Black Velvet started running around the corral. The horse slowed down as Lute talked to him, and soon Lute was standing by his side, petting his neck and forehead, and letting him smell and touch the roipe with his lips as he removed it. Lute mounted to the saddle and the horse started bucking again. Lute hung on for two or three gyrations, and the horse stopped and trotted around the corral. Lute let him have free rein, as he paced around, and then tightened up, and the horse stopped. Lute dismounted and removed the saddle and blanket, then the bridle and reins. Velvet kicked up his heels and trotted away with his tail in the air.

Lute said, "I'll try him again tomorow, maybe take him for a ride."

"Try this sorrel. See what he's going to do," Mr. Hawkins said, "That's all we have right now."

End of excerpt.

I think I've done about all I can, except for a few minor adjustments here and there, and will give it to my editor for her perusal.

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