Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delaying again

I'm running a little behind on today's blog. What with all the traipsing around and interruptions for one thing and another, I delayed writing it, and kept delaying. A good deal of the time was spent on the sequel to "The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle" which I've dubbed "Red Returns to Upamona" for the time being. It still requires a good deal of of work. I've been going through it and changing the dialect language into plain English and removing some of the swear words, not that I find them offensive, but it seems to bother some publishers, while others want more of it.

This one hasn't been rejected by any yet, since I've never sent it out. But I want it to be in fairly tip-top shape when I do. So, will continue with the changes.

Marsha Ward has a new book available titled "Trail of Storms," published by IUniverse and is availabe through Amazon, cost $l6.95 or E-books for $6.00. Congratulations! I thought I would mention it since I have SO MANY READERS of the blog, but you can always go to her blog, "Writer in the Pines" and check it out.

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