Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money matters, editing

Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave.
Tax the sod
In which he's laid.

What the Hell is the definition of "basis", as in tax preparation. The instructions are not very clear on this from my way of thinking. Maybe by April 15, I'll get it figured out, since that's the day that ends this year's tax season. Maybe someday, the IRS will issue another pamphlet to go along with the foot-thick rules and regulations that will explain further what the definitions of some of their terms are, and it'll probably another foot thick. Then they'll have to distribute a pamphlet to explain that written in Government gobble-de-gook that no one can understand. It'll be a never-ending paper production. It's their job security.

Its been about two weeks now since I sent a request to a bank to explain the status of something, which they indicated they would get back to me in up to ten days. I hope they are still in existence by the time I get an answer to the simple question. It would be nice to receive it before the tax deadline though, which gives them another month and a half.

My editor-in-chief (my beautiful wife) was given the manuscript of "Anderson" to read and make any changes that strikes her fancy. She's great at catching typos and grammar, and I'm sure there will be enough to keep her occupied for awhile. If she brings it back and tells me "throw it away!", I'll take it that she didn't like it. But, I think she will mean by that to send it to a publisher instead of trashing it. Just get it out of her sight, she's probably sick of me talking about it and teling her how wonderful it will be when I finish it before she even starts.

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