Saturday, November 29, 2008

What it's about

The western I've been trying to finish up is the story of a sheepherding outlaw who hired a couple of gunslingers to help him do some claim-jumping in the Uintahs of Utah. Red Skene, a Marshal is assigned to catch the two gunslingers. He planned to keep his business secret and join up with the gang so he could round up the outlaws. But his scheme is thrown askew at the outset by the head claim-jumper and he has to take a different tack. He gets the job done and along the way meets a pretty girl and falls in love, etc., etc., after nearly being arrested by some of the town's citizens, who think he is in cahoots with the gang.

I'll be sending it to a publisher before long and hope they look on it as favorably as I do, but won't be thrown back to the Stone Age if they issue another rejection.

I have some other stories that I'm also working on, a couple of which have been rejected, but I'm an optimist and know that someone will eventually like one of them or maybe all. I try to see the bright side in everything, and don't "sweat the small stuff."

I tried to post a picture for my profile yesterday, but had a little trouble with finding it on the computer to send it. Well, that's not entirely true, I went right to it, but it's a little big for the space allowed even though I reduced it a couple of times. One of these days it'll appear in the appropriate part of the blog, sure as the dickens, it will, I just have to keep at it.

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