Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A new blogger

Being a new blogger, I have a lot to learn setting up, editing, posting, etc. But I think I can get past that and on to the more essential parts of blogging itself. So you can crawl off your high horses and hunker down around the fire. I don't plan to be particular about accepting comments from those who take the time, but a few don'ts first. Make that one don't for now regarding wordage.

Don't use language that's considered offensive, e.g. four-letter words beyond damn and hell, and other epithets that may be considered western dialoguish, like son-of-a-bitch, you dirty bastard, etc. Sexual references using the most popular four-letter words will be deleted without comment. Other than that, your comments will generally be accepted subject to my deletion rights.

I hope to receive posts pertaining to the writing of Western novels in particular, both from published and non-published practitioners of the craft. Feel free to let your blogging instincts loose on the range.

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