Thursday, June 30, 2016

What Were They Thinking? Some More Misprints

The Arizona Republic May 19, 1997:

The line under the picture reads: "Bob Knauer (left) holds his infant son on his lap as they sit outside their home at Fort Benning, GA. In foreground is his son George, 2."

Comment:  Sit? Stand? What? Make up you mind. How many people are there?

Phoenix Gazette March 27, 1982:

Headline: Puerto Rico seizes arms cache
Article reads: "SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (UPI) - A raid on the house of the leader of the Costa Rican Communist Party netted a cache of weapons in what police said Friday is the latest crackdown on an armed guerrilla comspiracy in Costa Rica."

    "Police said they raided the house of Communist leader Manuel Mora Valverde Thursday in a residential neighborhood of San Jose."

     "Thousands of rounds of bullets, 16 fragmentation grenades, a 1.55mm rocket and four homemade bombs, two packages of TNT, and 17 attack rifles, including Belgian-made Fals, Israeli Galil submachine guns, and M-1 automatic rlfles were seized, police said. Moral claimed the guns were for self-defense."

Comment: Where was he, anyway? Puerto Rico or not? And who is Moral? And the M-1 I trained on was semi-automatic as I remember.  You had to pull the trigger ever time you shot.
Paper not identified. It has to be the Phoenix Gazette or The Arizona Republic for the next item:

Headline:  Tempe man, suspect in Utah murder, arrested

Excerpts: " SCOTTSDALE - Authorities have arrested an Idaho prison escapee for the 1981 murder of his former stepdaughter, whose body was found in a Utah Canyon."

    "Officers from the Scottsdale Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety picked up Charles Nichols Strain, 51, on a fugitive from justice warrant."

     "A four-year investigation by the Utah County Sheriff's Office in Provo, Utah, led to the positive identification of the body as that of Deeana Jane Dean of Garden City, Idaho. She was last seen with Strain."

    "Mindy was found in June 1984 after a woman recognized her picture on a television show about missing children and called Mesa police."

Comment:  Who is Mindy? And how did Scottsdale police get involved when Strain was picked up in Tempe where he was living under the alias of Randel Ducharme? ? ?

Sun City Independent October 16, 2002:

Article reads: "Creating a police state [From Letters to the Opinion Column.]

     "My goodness, 9/11. I thought I was in Castro Cuba, especially when our so-called intelligence people had an idea of the impending attack. I guess our government had no other way to create a police state. I guess all those people were expandable."

Comment:  "Expandable" "Expendable" what's the difference?

See ya next Thursday for more misprints. Have a Happy Fourth of July!!


  1. Good stuff - my smile for the day! (:-)

  2. Stockpiling weapons even back then

  3. Just for self-defense, of course.

  4. Some funny misprints here, Oscar. The Indian media has its own share but nothing to beat "pubic" in the headline instead of "public" in a prominent morninger two decades ago. I still can't get over it.