Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Misprints

The Phoenix Gazette, Apr 24, 1978:

I hope they built these condos right-side-up!


Phoenix Gazette 11/16/81:

Headline: AFL-CIO's Kirkland Mocks The White House

Excerpt:  "Rejecting any sympathy for budget director David Stockman for his publicized scolding by the president [Reagan], Kirkland called Stockman 'the original interior decorator of this economic house of ill repute.'

'What provoked his candor one can only guess,' Kirklnd said. 'But you don't have to be an old sailor to know what it means when the smartest rat on board heads for the hawsepipe.'

"Kirkland who started his career in the maritime unions referred to the pipe on which rope or cable from a ship is wrapped to hold it to the dock."

Comment: The reporter should check his nautical terms. A hawsepipe is the iron castings in the bow through which anchor chains run. A rope or cable is wrapped around a bitt (metal post) to moor to the pier.


Phoenxi Gazette 7/19/90:

Headline: Gunshot kills man

Excerpt: "A Phoenix man was found shot to death in his home Tuesday, police said.

"Jack Sutherland was found by his wife about 10:30 p.m., police Sgt. Kevin Robinson said. The victim had spoken to his wife on the phone about two hours."

Comment:I don't think that's any reason to shoot him, or maybe it was


I don't know where this Want Ad was first printed:

Must sell immediately
Because of illness.
Will Accept First Best Offer.


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  1. Thanks for the smile and for teaching me a little about nautical terms.

  2. two hours on the phone? Cause for murder, I should think.

    1. And not a thing about who killed John.