Thursday, October 2, 2014

Willa Cather, Author

Above is my sketch of Willa Cather, early American author, from a public domain photo. Born in 1873 and passing on in April 1947, she graduated from the University of Nebraska and wrote of life on the Plains in some of her novels. I don't know about you, but in high school she was one of the writers we "just had to know about," and O Pioneers! was the main one we were taught about.  But Ms Cather was known for more than just that novel, having written ten or twelve novels, one of which she received the Pulitzer Prize, One of Ours,  set in World War I.We also had to know about My Antonia. She also wrote poetry, short stories and essays which have been published in collections.
She took criticism seriously and maybe even became a little gun shy from it and refused to let her letters be published.

Will Cather has a lasting Monument to her life of writing in Willa Cather Memorial Prairie in Webster County, Nebraska. See the Wikipedia website on Ms.Cather for a picture of this and quite a detailed biography of her life and writings from which this info came.  


  1. Does my heart good to see something about a good old nebraska writer. From my phone on the road in lousianna.

  2. I've read some of her stuff. Been a long time though. I don't remember much

    1. I wouldn't mine having one or two of her collections.

  3. Currently reading her SONG OF THE LARK, which seems to be autobiographical, though it is set in Colorado. The town of Red Cloud in southern Nebraska has done a lot to preserve her memory. So many buildings remain from her time there, it's almost the next thing to a living museum. The preserved prairie is also a notable tribute to her.

  4. I wish I had known more of Nebraska and W.C.'s history a few years ago when we motored across the State. I would've made it a point to go through Red Cloud after leaving Hay Springs..