Thursday, July 10, 2014

Proof is in the Pudding

But the pudding isn't in the proof, at least the one I received a couple days ago. The layout of the book is fine, but wouldn't you know, as I read through it, I found some more errors that will have to be changed, so the release of the novel will be delayed, and I'm still reading it. Anyway, here is a pic of the cover:

This is a photo of one of Junior and Norita Tidwell's Black Angus bulls "bellerin'" about something, maybe me taking the picture of him. I thought it might make a fairly decent cover picture. This ranch is located in the outskirts of Altonah, Utah, which is in the northeast corner of the State and nowhere near New Mexico, where the story takes place.


  1. Oscar, the cover picture looks good. With a bull like that I think there is bound to be trouble!

  2. We had an angus bull for a while when I was young. Good bull as I remember.

    1. We didn't discuss its temperament and I was in no mood to find out.

  3. Hope you were using your telephoto lens when you took this photo, us old guys don't run so fast anymore. Brings back memories of a branding when I got flattened by a Limousine Angus bull that didn't feel I had enough respect for its rank on the ranch. Good luck with the book, rewrites and redo's are never much fun.

  4. We were fairly close on a four-wheeler. I think the bull was complaining because it was a hot day. You have to give them their due respect. That Limousine bull didn't want to get branded. Thanks, Neil.