Friday, March 7, 2014

Upcoming Events

Some upcoming events to visit around Ary-zony:

1. Mar 15-16 : The thrilling, amazing, unbelievable, distinguished Tucson Book Festival. Now, the fourth largest in the country, books, books, books and more books, at the mall at the University of Arizona, 1200 E. University Blvd, in Tucson outdoors and indoors.

2. March 17:  Saint Patrick's Day. Ye friendly Irish celebrations all over ye Territory and maybe even  ye   Mexico MAYBE.

3. March 21-May 4: The lady painters are coming to Wickenburg Desert Caballeros Museum again for the ninth year in a row, Cowgirl Up! is the moniker and will be at 21 N. Frontier Street, and you can call them on the telephone at 928-684-2272. I love numbers with lotsa 2's in it, it's easy to multiply.

4. March 22-23: Ye 27th Annual Touch of Class Miniature Horse Show. A right good chance to see those itty-bitty horseys prance and sing - er-uh, dance round the grounds of the Equidome at WestWorld in Scottsdale, 16601 N. Pima Road. Thair's gwan to be drivin', jumpin ', costumin' and by golly all sorts of genuine entertainment with hundreds (maybe thousands) of the darlin' little critters.

5. April 1-6: It's the Yuma County Fair, by gum, complete with all the fair stuff, rides, games, etc., and etc., by gum. Will be held in Yuma County at the dad-gum Fairgrounds, 2520 E. 32nd Street, Yuma, in Yuma County, by gum, even gotta website: and thet's in Yuma County, too.

And a bunch more events, they come in bunches, but thass all I got time fer today, except to thank the AAA Highroads magazine for the listing of events.



  1. I've only got one event planned in March. Noir at the Bar

  2. Whoo, boy! I can feel a hangover comin' on, Charles.

  3. And I am hoping to get in a round or two of golf as my March goal. I really don't have much of a life. You are going to be one busy fellow.

    1. I don't think I'll be attending this year, Neil. Isn't it still too cold for golf up there?