Thursday, March 27, 2014

This 'n That

Spring training is about over in Phoenix and all the "boobs" will be leaving town, but for the last two days we've had "haboobs" coming into town, that is, dust storms, clouds of dust. This morning the wind is still blowing but not as hard as yesterday when it reached 30-35 miles per hour. There is plenty of dust hanging in the air with the warning "asthma sufferers stay inside,." Yuma County is moving to the Valley of the Sun.

Speaking of enjoyment, I certainly had a good time going through the "Old Photos" edition of  True West Magazine (Jan 2014). There was Geronimo looking as happy as always with a rifle in his hands, Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill Cody, Pearl Hart, Annie Oakley, Butch Cassidy and gang, General Custer, and all the others, alive or dead. It also had the best bookstores and western books, too. A great edition for the library.

Just received a notice of the Taos Summer Writers' Conference to be held in Taos, New Mexico, July 13-20, 2014. Workshops, Editors and Agents with registration until July 19, 2014 at, telephone 505-277-5572, Email,
Sharon Oard Warner, Founding Director. Haven't been to Taos for a while, who knows?

We've had a couple of telephone calls the past week from Tumbuctoo warning me that my computer has viruses and I should ....... I hung up on 'em before they could finish. The day after the last call my PC was not working correctly...duh and duh. Did they mess it up? Or did I? duh? A coinkydink? Er, what?  I'll never know, but I finally fixed it and it is workin' just fine this morn. My new virus program found 10 PUPs on it though.


  1. Taos is one of my favorite places. Think I will look into this one, thanks Oscar.

  2. When I first saw "Taos" I thought it read tacos. I think I'm hungry.

    1. Tacos are always good! And Taos may be, too.