Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Book Acquisitions

I accompanied my wife to her retirement luncheon Friday and there was a gent selling books at one of the craft tables. Naturally, we stopped to take a look.and ended up buying three of the books by Don M. Mahan. They are non-fiction and well-researched by Mr. Mahan and the titles are:

     1. Indians, Mexicans and Buffalo Soldiers - Historical Narratives of the Wild, Wild, West. Contains photos in the manuscript.

     2. The 2nd Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War - The Story of James B. Wasson, Company "B". This one has several photos, maps, and other graphics scattered throughout the manuscript.

     3. George Armstrong Custer - The Last Stand Myths. Has numerous Notes and several photos.

 The Author, Don M. (Michael) Mahan was born in Tucson and grew up in Ajo Junction, rode his own horses, and enjoyed the desert, mountains and wildlife it says in a short bio on the back of the Custer cover and his many articles and books highlight his interest in the history of the West.
His sales pitch was polite, interesting, and not hard-sell. I could tell he enjoyed writing about the West and he was erudite and personable. I enjoyed our short conversation.

To purchase his books you can contact him at I'm sure he won't mind me giving out his e-mail address since it is in all three of the books and on his card and you may just find another fine Western history buff, too.