Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reviews of Posse Justice and The Bloody Gulch

Received a fine review for Posse Justice on It states in part: "Posse Justice is a good old-fashioned cowboy story. I absolutely enjoyed this book. Exciting adventure with the posse chasing the bad guys through the rugged hills and mountains of Utah and Wyoming."

And a nice one for The Bloody Gulch:  "Enjoyed the word-pictures. The characters and plot ore well done.
. . . . . . . . I wish it had been longer."

Nothing like an unsolicited compliment to get the juices flowing through the veins and thanks to the reviewers. Anymore coming? I sure hope so.

The next book will be out before too much longer, title is O'Shaughnessy's New Deputy. Its the story of a young Mormon who returns home from a mission to Tennessee to learn that his parents were killed by Paiutes and he becomes a witness to a bank robbery and the fun begins.


  1. Absolutely. Congrats. It's nice to get some good words and know you're getting through to someone.