Sunday, August 4, 2013

Out of Touch and Out of Town

We (the wife and I) have been traveling for a couple days to the land of milk, honey, nuts, and date trees, and more nuts - that is, California, Palm Springs, in particular. We have passed through there several times on I-10 and over the mountain to Hemet, but never spent any time in Palm Springs until now.

We had accommodations at the Casa Cody in downtown Palm Springs a couple of blocks off the main drag of Palm Canyon Drive. This Casa Cody was built in the 1920's by Buffalo Bill's cousin , Harriet Cody, and is on the Palm Springs Historical Preservation List. It  has two pools, a jacuzzi, a barbecue and free breakfast.
The room had a small, furnished kitchen, microwave, fridge, coffee pot, dishes, cups, glasses, etc., and we enjoyed our stay there. Oh yes, and a King-size bed for a comfortable sleep.

We had no idea what would be going on in the middle of summer when the weather is hot (just like Phoenx), but we stumbled on to a Marilyn Monroe Festival going on on Palm Canyon Drive with many vendors and the new, 26-foot tall statue of Marilyn on display with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest in the evening. Lots of people taking a "paseo" and eating, drinking, buying, and what-all - interesting and entertaining.  We hopped on the tram to the top of the Cohuilla mountain, which was awe inspring with all the rocks and the Cohuilla Spires on the side of the mountain. I've never been much of a fan of hanging in the air and watching the country go by, but it was fun and enjoyable. Had lunch at he Peaks Restaurant and looked at the scenery before returning down the cliff. Most of the hiking trails were closed from the recent fire, but our hiking was limited to the buildings and stairs and gawking at the rocks.  Friday night we ate at Lulu's, a busy place, with fine food, not as expensive as other restaurants we were told.

We returned to Phoenix via Brawley and El Centro and enjoyed the ride through the Salton Sea area with all the orchards and date trees. Thought Yuma had changed for the better. It looked more prosperous than a few years ago. All in all a fine excursion.  


  1. they've got nuts in California? Say it ain't so. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It was a needed short break and should have done it sooner and more often.

  3. That sounds like a lot enjoyable visits, Oscar. And multiple Marilyn Monroe's walking around! Can't go wrong.

    1. David, we enjoyed the Marilyn's except for the drag queens, although I'll give them an E for effort for trying to look like the original.