Thursday, April 4, 2013

On Writing

Do you have questions about plot, character, grammar, queries, agents, jobs, etc. I recommend you check out the May/June 2013 Writer's Digest and the article on their 15th annual  101 Best Websites. An easy reference guide to help you write your best and sell it, too. I like their "Writing Advice" sites, which I'm going to start looking up for my own amazement. Some I've glanced at, but as I get further into this writing thing, I'm damn grateful for these blogs and sites, although I didn't once see the words "Western Genre."

Have a great writing day and a good weekend, too!


  1. I used to get WD and they often had these articles where they gathered together lots of information. I almost always found them very helpful

  2. That's why I re-subscribed, lots of info and leads to publication.

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  5. I just noticed that Nik Morton has a new book coming out, WRITE A WESTERN IN 30 DAYS. Should be good.

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