Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old Movie Time, Wildfire

Wildfire is a 1945 oater starring Bob Steele as Happy Hay and Sterling Holloway as Alkali Jones. It opens with three men trying to kill the wild horse, Wildfire, blaming it for stealing all the horses in the valley. Wildfire gets wounded in the left front leg and Happy Hay and Alkali Jones show up just in time to save Wildfire. Since they are on their way to sell some horses, they just happen to have a horse sling on hand and lift Wildfire off the ground while they fix up the injury and make a friend for life. They take their horses into town to sell and are accused of stealing two pintos in the group by one of Fanning's gang. But Happy has a bill of sale and the Sheriff lets him go. And along comes Judy (Virginia Maples) and steals the two pintos right out of the stable. Happy and Alkali follow her and catch up at her ranch where she explains she just wanted to talk to Happy about all the horse-stealing and says Fanning is trying to steal her ranch out from under her.

But, hold on, they have to get rid of Happy and Alkali and two men are sent to kill them. Poor Alkali gets shot in the side and is lying on the ground when Wildfire comes to his rescue and he is able to get away. Happy heads to town where he finds his horses have been stolen. Well that fires up the good men and riles up the bad men (Fanning and his gang), and some of them head for Judy's ranch where they think they have Happy cornered. But Happy climbs over the wall and heads for his horse and finds that the outlaws have chased it away. And who shows up but Wildfire. Happy climbs on and heads to town and the Judge. The Judge turns the tables on Happy and is going to have him thrown in jail, but Happy talks him into a trip to Fanning's place where they find the stolen horses and some mad horse thieves.

After the shoot out and the big fight, Happy and Alkali win the day and Judy marries the Sheriff, Wildfire is left to roam the wilds with his horses, and everyone lives happily ever after.

I've always like Bob Steele's movies. They are usually action-packed with a little music and a good supporting cast. 


  1. Haven't seen this one. But alkali Jones is just a great name for a character.

  2. It is. The color was not steady in this one, sometimes going to black and white and back again, but I enjoyed it anyway.

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    1. Don't know what he was trying to say.