Friday, October 26, 2012

A Saturday Out

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, the wife and her sister from Kansas and I went to the Wild West Festival at Saguaro Ranch in Glendale, AZ, and had a great(?) time. We no sooner got through the gate than...(Pardon me, my wife is yelling at me to vacuum the expanse of our square footage, a job I can't turn down in these hard times, besides, vacuuming is like lawn-mowing without cutting much off the top.)

(An hour-and-a-half later, I'm back after a good workout and a nice rest-up.) We no sooner got through the gate:

than we came to the first exposition area and Lee Anderson was explaining the history of horse-training and branding with his horse, Concho:

which was interesting in that my wife's father was a horse trainer in Kansas and we could relate.

We then moved up the line where the fast draw competition was underway:

It was the women's draw going on here, and we were thankful we were behind them instead of in front (HAHAHA!) 

After a minute or two of that we moved further up the line past a dutch oven and brisket sandwich stand and on to an old timey photograph stand where the sister-in-law had a photo made of herself in an old timey dress. It was a real impressive picture with her shoulders covered in a shawl and a bright red, long gown.  I didn't get a pic of this and I thought I did.

Nearby was this gent picking and singing and I think his name is Justus Harrison, but there was no sign to tell us. Inside the building was a stand with a pretty girl selling L. Ron Hubbard Westerns. I didn't buy any, leaving it 'til later and never got back to it. We moseyed further on and had a brisket sandwich from another stand in the food court. A little dry, but went well with water (cough, cough).

After disposing of the vittles, the two ladies started complaining that they couldn't take any more of the heat. It was a nice warm day, and this old, decrepit, reprobate they were with consented to head back home.
Up until now, everyone had been walking along just fine, except I had to remind the sister-in-law, who was in possession of a cane, to watch her step and take it slow. On the way out, we passed the Moonlight Mesa Publishing stand, and I didn't have time to look at anything or talk to anyone there. I didn't see anyone manning the stand and I had to catch up with the ladies. I caught up and passed them a few feet and TRAGEDY struck! My sister-in-law in her eighties stumbled on the sidewalk and fell into the gravel between the fence and the walkway! There was no way I could've stopped her, but she fell on her knees then hands and face and slid under the fence, cutting her head on the lower rail. I tried to drag her back, but she wouldn't let go of the fence rail, and by that time, a policeman and two EMT'S CAME TO THE RESCUE! And we spent the next six or eight hours in emergency while the doctors looked her over to make sure nothing serious happened to her. She was her old self when we took her home, except for the bandage on her head. She went home to Kansas City the next morning.

Update: Received a call from Kansas last night and the lady is doing fine and having the stitches taken out today.



  1. That's a bit too much excitement for the likes of me. Glad all ended well, though. And I like the banner photo.

  2. Glad everything turned out in the end-sounds like it was a fun and buzy day up to the fall.

    1. It started out fun, but I hate emergency rooms!

  3. Ouch. I'm glad no permanent injuries were done, but that fall sounds like it hurt.

  4. She has a higher pain threshold than me, but it had to smart some. We're thankful she didn't have a concussion, and all seems to be fine now.

  5. Wow that's sorta scary... but I'm sure glad she's fine now. Here's wishin' ya a "trouble-free" next outing!

  6. Thanks, Albie. As we age falling becomes more of a problem for us, like a TV report was saying a couple days ago - 45% percent of the people using emergency services were caused by falls of the elderly. Now, that's scary.