Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gifts to Go

For the  readers, here is a chance to get a weekly newsletter from Gifts to Go:

 A local gift shop owner is looking to expand her virtual connections to grow her business and attract a larger audience at book signings. She's been supportive of local authors and has asked that I invite my friends to register for her weekly newsletter.

She alternates the focus of each newsletter between books and authors and  general gift ideas and services. Each addition includes discounts, promotions, new products, related recipes, and upcoming events. Most importantly it is easy to read through to get the news most relevant to you.

 It is sent through an industry standard Constant Contact, and includes an unsubscribe if you try now and decide later you no longer wish to receive a copy.

You can preview the shop, Gift To Go, at or on Facebook as Gifts To Go. Her physical store is located on Bell Road in Surprise, AZ, but she ships gifts anywhere.

Get the next edition by either:
    1. Sending an email request to or,
    2. Texting your email address to her at 602 403 0646,
    3, Sending a Facebook message to Gifts To Go.

Did she say she ships anywhere, ANYWHERE? Now is your chance to pick up some of those unique gifts, including books by Arizona authors on many subjects. And thanks very much. I'm sure you will enjoy the newsletter.


  1. About the only thing I buy online is books, but I should think about expanding that.

  2. I occasionally buy a CD or printer's ink or books. I just purchased Office 2010 and it was no deal. Now, I'm broke again.