Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo/Events/New Follower

Above pic was taken in the early 1900's in Idaho, probably. The man on the left is my father and the other one is his brother-in-law from the first marriage. You can see where I get my Western leanings from. It was part of life back then and continues on. NO, THEY WEREN'T OUTLAWS! I can't get over my Pa with a cheroot in his paw. He always smoked Bull Durham.

Upcoming events in Arizona. It will be 100 on Feb 12:

Jan 29 - Wickenburg. The Phoenix Symphony and the Music of John Williams

Feb 2-14 - Ajo. Centennial Celebration with old timey stuff.

Feb 3-5 - Sierra Vista. The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering.

Feb 4 - Phoenix. DogEaredPages Bookstore. Lecture and Book Signing, Reforming the Prisons with Arizona Authors Sue Ellen Allen and Bob Kaplan.

Feb 9-19 - Phoenix. Statehood Days. Big celebration at the Pioneer Living History Museum.

Feb 11 - Phoenix. Centennial Ball.

Feb 11 - Prescott. Trappings of a Horse Culture at the Phippen Museum.

Feb 11 - Scottsdale. Parada del Sol Parade. World famous horse drawn parade.

The Centennial events go on and on throughout the State. Pack a bag, climb on your saddle, and trot on down and help us celebrate long and hard. None of us will be here for the next one. Well, maybe a few hardy souls will survive.

A big, hearty welcome to Diane Fordham, a new follower, and check out her blog at


  1. I don't think they look like outlaws - but neither do they look like men to mess with!

    1. I think the clothing style was typical for the times in a studio setting like that. I wouldn't want to mess with 'em.

  2. Characters of their time. This is very cool.

  3. It's a fine picture, Oscar. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. You're welcome, mister V. I'm lookin' for more old pics I can share.