Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Old West

A man goes out into the desert west of Phoenix like he has done many times before to commune with nature, absorb the solitude, enjoy the vegetation, watch the wildlife, e.g., snakes, gophers, coyotoes, lizards, etc., and pray to the Lord above. The day was bright and sunny with a little chill in the air. He decides to build a small fire to warm his hands and feet and finds an open spot among the creosote bushes and cactus that is suitable for such a project. Pretty soon he has gathered enough small stuff, dry branches from palo verdes and juniper trees, small bush sticks and leaves scraped together and gets a little bonfire blazing. He relaxes by the fire and contemplates the world's problems and discusses them with the Man above. Enjoying the heat, he puts on another stick and. . . . blam! . . . gets shot in the right eye.

 He knows he is completely alone and considers the situation with one hand holding the right side of his face where the bullet entered, blood dripping onto his hand and flowing over his cheek. He kicks the dirt around the fire and finds a half-dozen live .22 cartridges and lets loose with a stream of epithets, cussing all the stupid people who come into the desert there and take target practice and leave live ammunition all over the place.

And that's the new old west as reported on a recent TV news show here in Phoenix with more color and description added by me for a more dramatic presentation. The man tells the TV station about what happened to him, trying to get a little publicity going and hopefully stop the crazy shooters from shooting up the desert and littering with live ammo. The reporter and camera man take a trip with the man to the spot where he was injured and they find more live ammo in the dirt. WISE UP you people! If you pack it in, pack it out!


  1. Geeze, that's scary. I wouldn't have thought of that myself.

  2. Too many people with nothing else to do, Charles. The desert can be more dangerous in overcrowded and popular areas.

  3. Holy shinbones. I thought this was gonna be one of your tall tales, Oscar. Just goes to show truth truly is stranger than ficion.

  4. Amen, brother! I live right on the cusp of the Great Sonoran desert and it's the same here...

    Personally I think the desert is enough by itself to entertain anyone. All I take out there is my dog [and sometimes a book] :)