Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Bed Covers of the West

Here are the final few pics of my wife's handmade quilts:

There's that darn dog again. He never missed many photo ops.

And there's my cat, Guinevere. She took a liking to those clown teddy bears. She has passed on to the spiritual cat world.

Some of the pics were duplicated here, but I had to fill up the page. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!


  1. Hey Oscar...believe it or not, I use to love to hand sew quilts...Yap, all hand stitched. Don't do it as much anymore because I'm so busy writing.

    Man, those are some beautiful ones!

    Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. Hawk, Aha, a woman of many talents! Thanksgiving was great. Have a nice Black Friday!

    Charles, they aren't real heavy, but they do provide a comfortable warmth. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Spectacular again. Thanks. My favorite is the 4th from the top, the one with the red-sided boxes. In the photo, the pattern looks 3-dimensional.

  4. Ron, that's one of my favorites, too, It has a 3-D look.