Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bed Covers of the West

The title of this post may be considered a trifle exaggerated, although the West certainly made their own bed covers in most cases in the last half of the 19th century. And this tradition still goes on as exhibited in these photos of some of my wife's quilts. I think she did a FANTASTIC job and would like to show off a few of them. The small town where I was born had its own "quilting bees" where  the women would get together in the church and put together  quilts, most of which were made for the beds of the poor and were more useful in the design than artistic. I've seen quilts these days that are designed by electronics and are really complicated, but these are all done by hand from patterns in the old-fashioned way.

This first one is shown hanging on the wall of our 'umble abode, partially covered by an old sewing machine table and my old-fashioned chair. The small painting on the wall to the right shows the White Dove of the Desert Church complex south of Tucson done by moi when I was into painting. It looks a lot better in the photo.

In this one the quilt is thrown over the couch and our dog, Bonaparte, now departed, had to jump on it and get his picture taken. Big showoff.

The next quilt is thrown over our bed and is made from a Hawaiian pattern .

Another one thrown over the bed.

This one was photographed in the backyard, being held by the wife.

Will add a few more next post. (Quit twisting my arm, Mary, you're goin' to break my shoulder.)


  1. I remember my mom Quilting, and it was cool to watch. At least for a while. And the quilts were so nice and warm. Loved sleeping under them.

  2. Some of the designs are great and they are nice and warm. The wife has given most of them away.

  3. Great post. We don't properly appreciate quilting as a social institution from the past. I like the Hawaiian quilt the best.

    My Nebraska grandmother was a quilter and somehow managed to keep making them after she was mostly blind.

  4. There's a story behind the Hawaiian quilt, Ron, which I won't get into, but it is now in the hands of the granddaughter. My wife is having the same problem, macular degeneration in one eye, but she's still 20-20 out of the other. She's like your grandmother, still making them.

  5. My wife quilts and we are now giving away to family also. Your wife looks to be quite an artist with the quilts-Didn't know you were an artist--I painted my house a few times.

  6. Old guy, quilting is a great pastime and the wife is good at it. I'm no artist, but I gave it a try for awhile, mostly miniature landscapes. It's time-consuming, too.

  7. Very impressive, Oscar. Same goes for the church complex painting.