Sunday, October 9, 2011

Utah State Historical Marker

This is a picture of the State Historical Marker put up by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers to commemorate the Burrville Peace Treaty between the Mormons and the Indians.
It was February 9, 1883, ten years later,  that my father was born in Burrville and they should have put up a marker for that occasion, too. Just joking. And we always joked that he was three days older than Lincoln. 

And here he is on the right with his five sons. You can see the western influence in his older boys all wearing a cowboy hat and the oldest also has a neckerchief. This was taken on the school steps in 1939 or l940. That's me on the far left. He also had three daughters, but he wanted this picture to boast of the boys. When WWII started, the older ones joined the Army and later the one next to me joined the Marines in '48 and I joined the Navy in '50, 17 years old. That white dot on my pop's breast is a Bull Durham tag. He smoked right up until he died in 1951.
We had to wear those overalls until we were 12 or 13 and we were barefooted. We got shoes for the winter, though. 


  1. I wore overalls most of my childhood life, up until teenage years, I guess. Never wore cowboy hats, though. only baseball type hats.

  2. Yep, Charles, overalls were the clothing of choice for most of the kids in the small town. Cowboy hats were popular, but expensive. I never owned a hat until I got in the Navy. Baseball caps were popular, too.

  3. Thanks Oscar, for a wonderful snapshot of your early life.