Sunday, October 23, 2011

California is Part of the Southwest

In some mysterious fashion over the next few blog posts, I will "prove beyond a reasonable doubt" that that area of the United States called California is in the Southwest. I mean the Southwest, the one we Western writers think of as being Southwest, you know, the traditional way of looking at things Western, e.g., attacks by Indians, stage robberies, holdups, shootouts, cowboys, Indians, poker players, and what have you.

The reason I bring this up is over the last couple months or so, that question was asked by a blog writer. I don't recall who or why the subject came up, but I can imagine that some people along the line have said  that California is not part of the Southwest.

First, being the foremost, is the geographic location. Some people think that California looks like this on a map of the U.S.:

But, to some other people, it looks like this:

Still others see it like this:

No matter how you look at it, California just doesn't fit in, but we'll see as the discussion progresses. Next up, the Climate.


  1. It must be South West of somewhere.

  2. Oscar, I just loved this post. As a Californian I can vouch that you've hit the nail on the head. So my question is: Does California really exist? Or is it just a projection of my dreams and wishes?
    Elaine Ash

  3. Makes me think of the Southpark song, "California is good to the homeless."

  4. Elaine, thanks, I heard that it actually exists. We even paid a visit to Disneyland a few years back. And it may be the answer to a person's dreams. I heard that the movie industry has a large operation there.

    Charles, I've seen only one episode of South Park, but the song may be right on.

  5. Oscar, if you say it's in the south west, then that's good enough for me.

  6. This should be interesting. I've been told by another blogger from Arizona that California is not the West, so I guess that would make it not the Southwest either, although one might argue that's not the case at all. If it's not the West, that would mean you'd have to go east to get west. Doesn't make sense to me, though I know it does to some. Have at.

  7. Valance, I'll say it's in the Southwest, Thanks.

    Ron, to his way of thinking I guess you would have to go east to get to the West and maybe south, too, to get to the Southwest. My posts will explain clearly where it is, possibly.