Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day is Over

[NOTE:  The picture in the heading is BOOT HILL. At least that's what we called it as kids growing up in this small town in northeast UT. Several relatives are buried there, including my older sister and her husband, an aunt and uncle, and others. The town is no longer there, but the ranches and some of the houses are still around.] 

Wow, what a weekend! It is memorable from all the inactivity that took place in my house. We have the habit.... or I should say I have the habit.....of asking the wife if she wants to go somewhere and eat breakfast. I find that getting out first thing livens up my system and prepares it for the day. Most of the time the wife answers in the affirmative, but not always and Labor Day was such that she preferred to eat out.  We went to a local restaurant and I had a fine breakfast of biscuits and gravy, the "artery clogger" from all the sausage fat and gravy fat and what have you fat, a true western-type belly favorite. The wife had a bagel, fried on the grill, with cream cheese and a small "jugo de  naranja" (orange juice). Labor Day was off to a terrific start.

While waiting for the fat to arrive, I observed the other patrons surreptitiously. Just the other day I overheard a lady telling her dinner companion that "if you don't have a walker, a wheelchair, or a cane, you're not allowed in here," and she let out a squeal of laughter at her little joke. I laughed too, because I thought it was pretty funny as I thought about it. The population of Sun City is 99% old people and we all have to eat somewhere. I commented to the wife, "And on top of that, most of them have to drive here, too," which I thought was even funnier. I don't mean this in a mean or derogatory way, it's more like the character of the old guy on the Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway, as he barely could walk all bent over with a cane, "running" across the stage. Funny! About half the times we go there, I hold the door for somebody having a hard time getting in or out, and once in awhile I'll ask the wife, "Which one is doing the driving?" 

But I have to hand it to the older people, they still have enough interest to get out and about even if they do have an accident now and again, and I say more power to 'em. They don't let minor inadequacies get in their way of having a good time. The lady down the street is in her nineties and she still drives, albeit not much. She drove herself to a party a couple doors up the street last Saturday night and may have had a glass or two of wine (or may not). She pretty much keeps her driving to the length of the street, since she can't walk as good as she used to. And the feller on the other end is approaching 95, if a day, and he just stopped riding his bicycle around the neighborhood. I saw him out trimming his rosebushes a few days ago.

Once you lose interest in doing anything, you may as well cash in your chips, because it's about over anyway. That reminds me, I have a class tonight on something or other that I signed up for a couple months ago. I'll have to get there early (my bedroom office) and turn on the PC to get it warmed up and sign in. I sure hope it isn't a waste of time, since my time is running short in the overall scheme of things. But, then I got that book signing to go to in Sedona next month. I hope I don't have an accident on the way up there. I'd sure hate to miss that. 

I better get back to my book writing. Give me a hand, will you? My right leg is a little off kilter today. 


  1. We had breakfast out on Saturday and enjoyed it. There's a good local place around her that serves a very good breakfast buffet on the weekends.

  2. Charles, if it wasn't so far away, we'd give it a try. Do they include beignets and craw-dads?

  3. Written with a smile, Oscar. Appreciated with a smile, too. Hats off to the golden oldies.