Thursday, June 30, 2011


We interrupt the regularly scheduled posting to bring you the Semi-Annual List of Blogs I Like to Read:

l. Buddies in the Saddle - Ron Scheer's reviews, photos and life. (
2.Davy Crockett's Almanack - by (Dave) Evan Lewis, variety, stories, comics, but not much in the way of the West lately. (
3. Razored Zen - Charles Gramlich (
4. My Little Corner - Sandra Seamans updates on writer's markets and other things. (
5.The Education of a Pulp Writer - David Cranmer - Short stories, interviews, etc. (
6. The Tainted Archive - Gary Dobbs' blog of western, mystery, movies, etc. (
7. Betty Auchard's Blog for the Home for the Friendless - For the humor. (
8. Rough Edges - by James Reasoner - A ripping good blog for keeping up on things western and other subjects. (
9. Houston A. W. Knight - Romance writer - On hiatus right now. (
10. Laurie's Wild West - Laurie Powers' pulp extravaganza. (

I like all the other blogs on my blog list and will be adding more. They're just too interesting not to read.


  1. Thanks for including me with a bunch of bloggers who are on my top 10 list, too.

  2. Hey cool. Thanks for linking me up! :)

  3. Ron, Charles, you're welcome. I hope you pick up more followers.