Thursday, June 9, 2011


I will be signing and selling my three books tomorrow night at the Mesa, AZ,  2nd Friday Night Out event. It should be an exciting evening, and I'm hoping to finally get started on selling in the Phoenix Area. It's taken me much too long to get into the swing of this business, but I think I'm finally getting past the hurdle of licensing and my reluctance to enter into it wholeheartedly, etc. Check out the Mesa website here . There should be a lot of traffic and since the emphasis will be on books, it may turn out very well.

The only problem is, we have to stay awake beyond 10 PM, something we're not accustomed to, so we decided to get a motel for the night. Ye gods! It's only forty or fifty miles down the road, but there goes the profit if we so lucky to sell that many books. I tell you, there's a negative side to everything. My conscience is talking to me, saying "Quit your damn whining and get on with it!" All right, already! I will, I will. Ahem.